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This is for the wistful explorer; for the wide-eyed wanderer; the thrill seeker; and the unafraid. African tourism is synonymous with adventure. This is a continent that hums with excitement, summoning the brave to indulge in the unexpected and unknown.

Against the glowing backdrop of an African sunset, sand surfers glide down golden dunes at titillating speed. Roaring rapids churn the rivers white, an irresistible invitation for adrenaline seekers in their rafts. Silver white sharks emerge from the ocean depths to taunt cage divers in a rapturous display of prowess. Hollow canoes slide through narrow canals, watched in earnest by snorting hippo, dancing buck and the formidable elephant.

Africa is titillating, palpable and provoking, beckoning those in search of something lifechanging. Come explore.