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Fine dining and exotic cuisine is not typically synonymous with African tourism. But scratch the surface of this unpredictable continent and you will unearth a destination of glorious gastronomy. From the fragrant curries of the Cape Malay, the aromatic aromas of Indian spice on the east coast and the French fusion of Creole cuisine; Africa is an exciting destination of diverse delicacies.

Within the elegant winelands of the Western Cape, culinary extravagance is paired with crisp white wine and fruity reds. Neighbouring Cape Town boasts some of the world’s best restaurants. There, globally renowned chefs demonstrate flair for fusing traditional dishes with international tastes.

Further north, Zimbabwe offers cultural dining experiences blended with traditional entertainment, while in Zambia, formidable chefs cultivate dishes of decadence on the banks of the Zambesi. Kenya’s cultural diversity tantalises the taste buds with a fusion of food that reflects the country’s blended ethnicities, while Mozambique offers rustic cookery of freshly caught wares.

Come and eat in Africa.