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Zambezi Wildlife Trust (ZWT) is working to create a sustainable environment in which local communities and indigenous wildlife are able to peacefully coexist.

The landscape that snakes along the length of the Zambezi River is home to some of the world’s most astonishing concentrations of wildlife. On the Zambian side, this undeveloped landscape is characterised by roaming game that freely traverse the hilly escarpments and flat valley terrain of the Lower Zambezi National Park and its neighbouring Game Management Area (GMA). There are no fences between the two parks, allowing animals to spread naturally across the landscape.

While the Lower Zambezi National Park is a protected area, allowing animals a sacred space in which to thrive, there are local communities that inhabit pockets of the GMA. Essentially, these rural communities share sections of this pristine wilderness with indigenous wildlife. The ZWT, together with local authorities, is working to establish a peaceful space where wildlife is free to flourish and local communities are empowered by conservation practices and tourism.

To achieve this, the ZWT has implemented a series of successful anti-poaching initiatives aimed at preserving wildlife populations within the GMA and at educating the community about sustainable and profitable alternatives to poaching. The ZWT is committed to solutions-driven initiatives that work to uplift local communities by ensuring local households benefit positively from wildlife tourism and conservation.